Textile Designers behold the Ollingtons Repeat Structures sketchbook! Ogee? Brick? Diamond? Hexagon? Spot? No problem, we've got you covered! A selection of basic repeat structures for designing those repeat designs - Drawing in repeat again and again and again! .... ok I'll stop


32 Page designers' Notebook with 140 gsm cartridge paper, available in 4 popping colours. Handmade in Edinburgh using responsibly sourced paper and card.  


The 225gsm card covers are acid and elemental chlorine-free and are made using a carbon-neutral manufacturing process. Our notebook paper is 140 gsm and is acid-free, chlorine-free and sized for wet strength.  Made in the UK, this paper has an excellent even texture, a high-quality cartridge paper perfect for drawing and sketching.

Ollingtons A5 Repeat Structures Sketchbook

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